Line-of-Fire & Qualification

AutoTargets HexLink Actuators
RangeControl Suite
LaneControl Interfaces with Target Live View
Integration w/ 3rd Party Systems
Large Format Workstations for AAR
Portable Controls

“The ability to repeatably & reliably execute [Courses of Fire] without an instructor at each lane makes training substantially more efficient, “

Lance McGlocklin of Kardax Solutions.

Shoot House Automation

Multiple Shoot Houses
Sensor-Activated Targets
Camera-Activated Targets
RangeControl Suite
Custom Control Room

MPMG / SIT Ranges

Kinetic [E-Type] Target Actuators
12 Firing Positions Across 10 Acres
Wireless Controls
After Action Suite

Zero-Infrastructure Portable

Thousands of Devices in 24 Countries Across 5 Continents
Spans LE, Military, and Commercial Applications
2 to 20 Device Packages
On-board Wireless Mesh
Flexibility to Use AutoTargets for Android or Ruggedized RangeControl Laptops


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