Target Actuators

AutoTargets Lift Units are available as standard lifting kits (pop- up style) or side lifting kits (swing-up style). Proprietary live-fire HexLink or Plastic E-Type silhouettes are required for use with AutoTargets Lift Units for hit sensing functionality. Each lift unit can be placed directly on the ground, behind a knee wall, or attached to surfaces with mounts. They can also be used with portable bullet traps with specialty mounts.

Lift units are designed to work with commercially available CO2 and HPA tanks or be connected to clean compressed air, both at 60 PSI (80 PSI for E-Types). The standard WiFi antenna provides connectivity up to 250 yds with line of sight from target to target. Optional equipment can extend the range up to 1,000 yds or provide coverage where line of sight is not available.

  • Modular design
  • Field serviceable
  • Light weight
  • On-board mesh
  • One-button startup
  • Upgradeable
  • Standard Pop-Up
  • Bladed/Multi-Lift
  • Bullet Trap Mount
  • Knee-Wall Mount
  • Kinetic Pop-Up