Targets & Hit Detection

AutoTarget’s proprietary HexLink™ Target provides multi-zone hit detection for projectiles from .22lr – .50 BMG at any distance and can last up to 1,000 rounds. The conductive matrix on each target recognizes hits from metallic projectiles, rising and falling based on programmed requirements.

  • Federal Q style target
  • Scores 500 – 1000 rnds
  • All weather
  • Multi-zone detection
  • All small arms calibers
  • No standoff
  • All metallic projectiles
  • No spall or splatter

E-Type targets are a military-style target that detects shots anywhere on the single-zone target. It also has advanced signal processing that eliminates false hits from any distance in any weather condition. Targets offer reliable hit detection for thousands of rounds.

  • For use with plastic E-Type silhouettes [NSN: 6920-00-071-4780]
  • Advanced signal processing eliminates false hits
  • Detects hits while lifting
  • Reduced 1-yard standoff outdoors