Range Types

Maximize efficiency on the range with reactive-scoring AutoTargets and manage lane and target function from a tablet on the range. Create and control timed training drills to improve weapon proficiency while saving time with automatic score-keeping. Optional Lane Control cameras provide an HD live view of targets down range and can allow independent control of each target lane.

From small structures to large MOUT villages, AutoTargets enhances methods for tactical training. Unique mounting solutions make it possible to attach lift units to walls, furniture, or portable bullet traps. Build countless customizable scenarios to allow dynamic real world engagement training drills with adaptive course of fire and course triggers based on movement in the house which allows timed reaction data to be recorded for after action review.

Utilize AutoTargets with ranges that have barricades such as knee wall, bunker, or target line of fire. Designed for squad level tactics with multiple shooting lanes over short or long distances in natural terrain. Shooters can train solo, as a squad, or as multiple squads simultaneously using various weapons systems to meet dynamic training objectives.

AutoTargets do not require an outside power or air supply, making it easy to position them anywhere on a range without an expensive infrastructure. The wireless mesh network makes it easy to set units anywhere downrange and control them from behind the firing line. An available ballistic shield holds each lift unit and CO2 or HPA tank behind a protective barrier, making it possible to simply set up in a field or range without the use of a dedicated barricade system. An optional rubber block accessory creates an ideal ballistic stand.