Automated Qualifications

AutoTargets™ is revolutionizing the firearms training landscape, offering an unprecedented level of interaction for shooters. This cutting-edge system combines advanced hit-sensing technology with an integrated app, enabling portable wireless activation and comprehensive on-board analytics. Its unparalleled programmability sets a new standard for both law enforcement and military training.

Training exercises with AutoTargets™ are no longer static. They evolve dynamically, responding to the decisions made by shooters in real-time, or can be altered at the discretion of instructors. This adaptability ensures that training scenarios are more realistic and effective, significantly enhancing the skills and preparedness of users.

Maximizing Training Outcomes Through Advanced Data Analytics

AutoTargets™ revolutionizes firearms training by integrating advanced data aggregation and analytics. This innovative system offers real-time feedback on shooting performance, facilitating rapid skill development and efficiency in training exercises.

  • Real-Time Hit Data Capture: Utilizing HitSync™ technology, AutoTargets™ provides immediate, detailed feedback on shooting accuracy and speed, enabling shooters and instructors to analyze performance metrics instantaneously.
  • Efficient After-Action Reviews: The system’s powerful After Action Review suite presents sophisticated analytics, scoring, and ranking. These tools allow trainers to measure performance against set standards, offering invaluable insights for both team and individual training programs.
  • Adaptive Training Scenarios: AutoTargets™ enhances tactical training by dynamically adjusting scenarios based on shooter decisions or instructor input. This adaptability ensures that training remains relevant, challenging, and efficient, closely mirroring real-world situations.
  • Automated Scoring and Reporting: The system automatically processes individual and team scores, eliminating the need for manual counting, scoring, and target resetting. This feature significantly reduces downtime, allowing for more focused and continuous training sessions.
  • Customizable Training Courses: With the RangeControl™ Software, instructors can design and modify courses of fire that are unique to their training needs. The software’s comprehensive control over target presentation and sequence ensures that training is both efficient and tailored to specific skill-building objectives.

By harnessing the power of data aggregation and analytics, AutoTargets™ elevates firearms training to a new level of precision and efficiency. This advanced system not only enhances skill development but also significantly streamlines the training process, making it a vital tool for modern firearms training programs.