AutoTargets For Android™

The AutoTargets App provides advanced wireless target controls for up to 20 AutoTargets lift units simultaneously. Targets can be placed anywhere in any environment with their positions represented on a mapped reference screen. Users can set each target’s hit-to-fall parameters, including timeout, score requirement, shoot/no shoot, and presentation sequence. On the screen, hits are reported through sight and sound, providing immediate feedback to shooters.

The intuitive interface allows users to quickly and easily create complex courses of fire with unlimited steps, delays and target presentations. Each scenario can be saved and named to be used again without limits. As each course completes, a performance report is generated showing targets hit, time and location of hits, split times, overall course time and score. This report can be exported to a spreadsheet and stored on the device or emailed.

  • Portable target control
  • WiFi™ connected
  • Create and save courses of fire
  • Simple interface
  • Hit reporting, recording, and scoring
  • Control up to 20 targets